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Feelsy, dark society fantasy. Dark academia vibes. Goddesses, blood magic, sacrificial magic, seasonal magic, death, rebirth, found family, girls in love, & girl friendships. Angsty & epic, but kinda cozy too. Subscribe for freebies and first dibs.

Holly Ostara

Author of Moody, Feelsy Contemporary & Historical Feminist Fantasy

Holly Ostara writes mythical contemporary fantasy and fantasy romances. She has written over a million words in experimental fiction and half-spun novels she hopes will one day be her next great series. Ostara loves positing how magic works, and her stories always explore the workings of the universe in the real world, weaving theories and lore from quantum physics to magic to mythology—both real and imagined—in a brand uniquely her own. The landscape and magic often become the most important character, alongside her heroines and heroes.

In a former life, Holly was a project manager, but now prefers to spend her daylight hours hanging out with her awesome baby, writing, scrolling Instagram, chatting with her writer friends, and teaching other writers how to plot their novels.

She lives in southern California with her Hufflepuff husband, her Virgo daughter, and two obnoxious cats. Sometimes, she makes it to yoga.

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“It used to be that a Merula could hide from anyone, even the Watcher, or so I’m told. I now believe that it wasn’t that Merulas could hide, it was that Alom and the Watcher let them do as they pleased. That was a long time ago. Now they do as Alom pleases.”

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